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A middle of the night call that got answered with kindness

“I called Angie in the middle of the night to help post bond for a relative. I was a little uncertain about calling someone at such an early hour of the morning, but Angie answered and was very understanding. I was very upset about the situation, and Angie took the time to reassure me that everything would be alright. I felt as though she was a personal friend helping me through a rough time. It did not matter to Angie that it was 3 a.m.; she was considerate and allowed me to express my sadness with the situation. She was honest and helpful through the whole situation, and I cannot thank her enough! I will recommend Angie to anyone who gets into an unfortunate situation.”

- Onlychance, 4/10/2011

“Angie follows through with clients like no other bail agent I’ve ever seen! She really cares about her clients like family! Any time you call, you get her on the phone, not someone who fills in for her. It’s always Angie on the other end to help with any question, any time.”

- Client, 6/9/2010

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